The West Tennessee Soccer Referee Association serves referees in the western counties of Tennessee and some counties of northern Mississippi. WTSRA coordinates with the local soccer associations such as MSSF, GMSA, NISOA, and others through service contracts and general support

Aside from the great fellowship and support, each WTSRA meeting offers instruction on specific topics, and an opportunity to learn from your fellow referees.  Soccer is a rapidly growing sport, and is dynamic in that the laws change as warranted.  It is your responsibility to keep current to be able to offer your best. What better way to do this than among knowledgeable, non-judgmental friends?
You will get to know the other referees more personally, including those who assign games. This exposure is helpful in working out a good schedule as well as in life away from the field. You will also have a voice in the policy making locally (local rules of play.)

Young, energetic, knowledgeable referees are wanted and needed!  Join today! 

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